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Dragons Love Tacos  March 2021 

This production by the Yocum Institute in Reading, PA. Directed by Beverly Houck. 'Dragons' was a one scene play but required the set to be destroyed (by the dragons) and rebuilt (also by the dragons).

The Importance of Being Earnest  October - November 2015 

This production by the Reading Theater Project, changed up the original script of Wilde's play by changing time periods and places each act. The first act took place in London 1890's, second in Connecticut 1950's, third in Los Angeles present day. I was interested in making an all white and transparent set, while have the lighting set the scene for each act. In addition I created a pergola for the audience to walk through into the space. Since this was a rather unconventional take on this play, the sets pretty much demanded that was well. 


The wallpaper was made out of vinyl and shower curtains with either holes cut out or with a layer of stencil. The pergola was made of wood and a moderate amount of blood.

Bear Prince ​January - March 2015 

The Bear Prince is an original jazz opera written by Christ Heslop and Vicki Graff (libretto). Directed by Joel Gori. This set is comprised of a temple, an ever changing Tree of Life and a suspended disc for projections. I drew and photoshopped the projections as well as created the Tree of Life. My partner on this job, Tom Birch handled construction of the temple set piece. This was a very exciting and big project, where I could creatively follow my bliss and color the stage with what I saw in the music.  


Special thanks to Brett Buckwalter on lighting design, Rich Houck for puppet design and Beverly Houck as producer.

Beethoven Revealed ​September - November 2014 

Created a rotating piano made of wire and wood for a production of Beethoven Revealed. This play, about Beethoven's life, ran in front of the Reading Symphony Orchestra who added accompaniment. After the play, the orchestra played Beethoven's Seventh Symphony. 

Speakeasy ​August 2014 

I also did the sets and a bit of lighting on an original play by Sue Lange titled, Speakeasy. It was about Reading PA, in the time of prohibition. We used a non traditional space which allowed us to be creative and incorporate the audience in the performance as well as you can see from a couple of these pictures. 

Tudor Castle ​March - April 2013 

Construction began in March and went into April. Everything you see is foam and paint. The evolution of the face of this set still astounds me how 8 or 9 Lords and Ladies (ha) can finish this and then tear it down in a matter of hours!


Thanks to Boom Creative, and Final Focus Productions for awarding me with this opportunity!

Salsa USA ​March 2013 

These eventually ended up hanging in the Goggleworks in Reading, PA for 9 months after the play had run.


The sets are double sided to show the evolution that occurs in the play of Salsa dance by flipping when the story moves from place to place. 

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