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Portrait of the Artist
Governor Wolf visits murals

Painting with Pochan

This is a  Youtube and Instagram series I've created. I have fashioned myself a "mean Bob Ross," who instructs his pupils on how to "fail upwards."

The Many Hats of Andrew Pochan

In May, 2018 I had the honor of being the cover story in the Reading Eagle. As a part of the ongoing series, "Portrait of the Artist.


Click the image to see the story. 


Art is driven by technology, and I think it's only right that we have a podcast about art. On art.being.pochan, Nadia and Andrew speak with artists of all disciplines and forms about their craft and what drives them to be artists. 

Here is a video of Podcast 7. You can find more videos at our Youtube page at art.being.pochan

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jazz fest painting 2013
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