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Governor Wolf visits murals

Pretty Lil' Po

“Pretty Lil Po” is an immersive, installation art piece featuring aspects of Japan, the Japanese and their culture through the critical eyes of the Andrew and Nadia Pochan. 


Lil’ Po, the cat, is the mascot of the Pochans. Rebellious as he is endearing, he loves a good cuddle, some warm milk and a good fight. An expert in cat tattoos, he holds the World Record for most centimeters covered on any feline.

Pretty Lil Po contains elements of painting, theater, sound, installation and participatory public art.

It runs from September 8th - October 20th 

at the Yocum Institute in Reading, Pennsylvania. 

Sound Effects for Pretty Lil Po experience

Japan Station
00:00 / 24:01

Painting with Pochan

This is a  Youtube and Instagram series I've created. I have fashioned myself a "mean Bob Ross," who instructs his pupils on how to "fail upwards."

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