The Many Hats of Andrew Pochan

In May, 2018 I had the honor of being the cover story in the Reading Eagle. As a part of the ongoing series, "Portrait of the Artist.


Click the image to see the story. 

Show Reel

Many of the videos show are my own, some clips are from my employment at Schott Productions, Reading Theater Project and Meteor Tower Films.

Friends on the Internet

I had the pleasure of selling a piece of mine (left) to a great organization called Screen Free Parenting. You can click the link below for the lovely article they wrote about my piece. Also, Like their Facebook to learn more about the education Revolution!

book cover for Sue Lange

Whenever art is displayed, it is deemed 'done.' Works in progress though, are just as interesting. Take a look at what will be.

jazz fest painting 2013

This is the 'done' work. Left in the oven long enough and served up for you. 

rays music shop

Like a magnet we pick up things everywhere we go, even inside our heads. To portray the dream of life is a responsibility everyone must undertake.

Great Floridian Mountain Range
Portrait of the Artist
Governor Wolf visits murals
Traffic Opera