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Painting with Pochan

This is a  Youtube and Instagram series I've created. I have fashioned myself a "mean Bob Ross," who instructs his pupils on how to "fail upwards."

Dust Nuggets

Dust Nuggets is a Mobius strip of a movie. It was made mostly in Reading, Pennsylvania and features names such as Eric Roberts and Robert Picardo. It was written by Sue Lange and myself.

Traffic Opera

This film was shot in the summer of 2017 and exhibited around the world, notably Cannes, France. It won Film of the Year Award in the Reading Film Festival 2018.

Tack Board of Memories and Experiences

Golf is My Life

Master Class student film  made in 2011. Shot in the Arabian desert, on probably the windiest day possible. My friends and I completed this short film which later was accepted at the Gulf Film Festival 2012. 

Burj Animation

Animation I made after my stint in Dubai for a client. 

Princess Dancer

Trailer shot in 2012 for orginal work by Sue Lange, Princess Dancer. Courtesy of Schott Productions and Get Kinetic LLC 

Attending the master class with at the Gulf Film Festival in 2011 was a wonderful learning experience. Much respect and love to Abbass Kiarostami and all those who organized my trip.

RAiL Commercial

Commercial shoot for my multimedia project RAiL. Click this link for more about RAiL.

Reading Theater Project

Commercial shoot for RTP that I directed. Written by Sue Lange and photography by Sebastian Nieves

Short video for Marriage Expo(se) segment "Wife Swap LLC", a theater event based on the various stages of marriage.  

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