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Show Reel

2020 Showreel contains Motion Graphic work, Interviews and Narrative work.

Traffic Opera - Trailer

Making of Traffic Opera

You can view the whole thing if you so choose. Ask about the hidden password. 

Reading Theater Project

Commercial shoot for RTP that I directed. Written by Sue Lange and photography by Sebastian Nieves

Short video for Marriage Expo(se) segment "Wife Swap LLC", a theater event based on the various stages of marriage.  

Dinner 4, 4

Episode 1 - 

Katie, Albert, Jolene

and Andrew

Interview series I'm doing interviewing artists and community people.


Episode 1 has four visual artists discussing spit takes, piggy banks and how they do it in Rome.

Tack Board of Memories and Experiences

Golf is My Life

Master Class student film  made in 2011. Shot in the Arabian desert, on probably the windiest day possible. My friends and I completed this short film which later was accepted at the Gulf Film Festival 2012. 

Burj Animation

Animation I made after my stint in Dubai for a client. 

Attending the master class with at the Gulf Film Festival in 2011 was a wonderful learning experience. Much respect and love to Abbass Kiarostami and all those who organized my trip.

Princess Dancer

Trailer shot in 2012 for orginal work by Sue Lange, Princess Dancer. Courtesy of Schott Productions and Get Kinetic LLC 

RAiL Commercial

Commercial shoot for my multimedia project RAiL. Click this link for more about RAiL.

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