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In May 2018, I had the honor of being in the Reading Eagles' ongoing series, "Portrait of the Artist." This video accompanies the cover page news article about my work.

** Note: These murals go from most recent to least recent... for the most part anyway. 

Solar System

This was painted in a seven year old, aspiring astronomer's bedroom.

Innovation Lab Mural NorthEast Middle School Reading, PA

Worked with school kids to finish this STEM Lab Mural. The Tessellation Mural is made from cubby holes.

Edge of a Nightmare

Located in West Reading, across from Parade, a piece involving a dragon and a girl.

Save our Cherry Trees

A tombstone to a fallen comrade.

West Reading Mural Corridor

Sign for West Reading Corridor. 

WH Dance Academy

Stylized dancers in a Latin dance studio.


A dream like parade with much symbolism and fun.

Flower Mural 

Vicki Haller Graff Mural - West Reading, PA

Easy Rider

Easy Rider mural. Highlighting freedom and its limits.

Mike Miller Mural 

This mural was commissioned to commemorate my friend and mentor Mike Miller. He was my art teacher back in high school and got me into making big paintings and murals. It was a 50th birthday gift from the borough of West Reading.

Today is a Bright Night

My first solo mural. Painted on the side of an electricians garage.

St. Ignatius Elementary School (2017)

This mural highlights the subjects offered at St Ignatius school, located in Sinking Spring. The subjects (left to right) are art, math, social studies/growth, athletics, religion, science and language.

All About Children (2015-2016)

A pediatrician's office/clinic in West Reading. Co created with Mike Miller. 

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